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07 651 starter problem

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My prowler will sound like the starter engages for a second, then spins free. Doesn't crank the engine at all. I installed a new solenoid and starter and charged the battery, but it still acts the same. I think I wasted money on the solenoid and starter, but what is wrong with this thing?
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Welcome to the forum! Sounds like the starter gears inside the stator cover are shot. They have a reduction gear system with a one way clutch behind the stator cover. You will need to remove the cover on the magneto side, flywheel will need to be removed to expose the gears. AC has a special tool for pulling the stator off. Let us know what you find!
I got the side cover off, and the gears look good. The one way clutch seems to work too, but do you think it might have a spot that lets it free wheel the wrong way? Should I pull the flywheel and see if I find anything?
I pulled the flywheel, and the clutch seems to work okay. How can you tell if it's bad?
Check the gears, a slight taper on the starter side is normal. also check the splines where the starter shaft engages.
I can't see any wear. I was expecting to see a broken tooth or worn down teeth, but everything seems to mesh fairly tight.
Sounds like it could be the starter motor itself. If you dissemble the starter motor you can see if the brushes are worn or need replaced.

Oh, I see that it's a new starter.

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Can you turn the engine over? Pull the plastic cover off and turn with a ratchet.

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Yes, the engine turns over. I turned it several times when I was taking the nuts off the crankshaft.
When I hit the key, the solenoid would click and the starter would spin like when a tooth is off a ring gear. I'm wondering if the starter clutch is bad. It seems to grab when you turn it by hand, but maybe it doesn't grab when it hits the wrong spot or something.
Sounds like you have narrowed down the possibilities! Gears all mesh, starter is good, so the clutch is the likely problem. Let us know what you do! Good Luck
I ordered a new starter clutch from Country Cat. Should be here in a couple days. I'll let you know if it works. Thanks!
I got it tore apart. The starter clutch seems to work. The oil residue seems to have graphite in it. I think the guy I had rebuild the engine put the wrong oil in it. I got it all back together with new parts and oil and it starts great! Hope it stays together.

If you don't have a manual you can download it for free at
Also, check out this thread for what oil to use in your machine:

The official what OIL to use thread!!

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Time to ride! Oil choice is all owner preference as long as it is wet clutch certified. I've used Mobil One Motorcycle oil, Artic Cat Blend's, and Amesoil. All worked great.
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