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I have a 2006 Prowler 650 side x side and earlier this year I damaged the crankcase. One of the bearings tore up the crankcase and I was told that I had to buy both halves of the case.
I bought a complete bottom end a couple months ago, but the engine mount holes were a little bigger so we sent it back.
I can buy the crankcase and bearings from, but its about $1065.00! Today I found a crankcase on Ebay that says it will fit a 06-09 Prowler 650. I called the guy that is repairing the Prowler for me and he looked at the pictures on Ebay and he says everything looks the same except the holes where the motor mount bolts go though look bigger (just like the complete bottom end I had to send back).
Has anyone else ran into this problem? I cam provide the item # to the one on Ebay so someone could possibly tell me if it would work. I'm just trying to save a little money here.
Here is an update: I contacted the company with the crankcase on Ebay and it is out of a 2008 H1 650 ATV. I have looked on and the part # for a 2006 Prowler and a 2008 H1 ATV crankcase are the same. The only difference is on the 2008 H1 crankcase assembly diagram it list "engine mounting bushings". They look like they slide in the crankcase holes where the case mounts to the frame. I asked the guy that is repairing my Prowler and he said the only rubber bushings he sees on mine is on the mounting plates on the frame. Can anyone help me out with this and tell me will this work? Thanks again in advance.
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