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Hi everyone,
I have an idling issue I hope you can help me with. I will start with a hopefully short history.
I got the machine from my dad after he upgraded to a kawi mule pro fx ( awesome machine, great for on the farm).

The prowler had low compression and would no longer run. Investigation showed excessive cylinder wear. I made the decision to rebuild with a BB kit (cylinder and piston) from speedwerx. I also bought the hot cam from them and titanium lifter springs.

I cleaned and lapped the valves into accepted tolerance. I replaced the timing chain, and reassembled, making a fateful mistake. It ran but, I forgot to loc-tite the cam sprocket bolts (PSA: loc-tite is good). Queue rebuild 2, this time with new sprocket, standard cam, new timing chain, and most importantly loc-tite and a lesson re-learned.

Rebuilt carb with all speedwerx recommended jets and settings.

Had concerns about electric choke, so I converted to manual choke.

Over concerns about timing I brought in a buddy (master certified auto mechanic) he agreed timing was correct per specs. (Second set of eyes always good)

At this time, the machine would start and run, but would only idle if I had the idle set to so high I could not shift the transmission.
I took to the internet to search, and applied fixes found here and Arctic chat. (Plugged vent line, replaced all fuel lines, replaced intake boot).

So as it currently sits, the machine runs great, good throttle response, but will not idle below about 1800 rpm, which causes issues shifting.

When I lower the idle, it is almost like the decompression part of the cam is tripping or catching and killing the motor, or it isn't getting enough fuel.
Frustration is high, as the machine runs well, but the damn thing will just not idle for me.

Thinking I am going to replace fuel pump now, just because it is the only part of the fuel system I haven't touched yet. I have checked the fuel pickup filter, and it is clean. I am also thinking about bumping up the idle jet? Currently a stock 40.

Any tips, ideas or other areas I can check will be greatly appreciated.


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I would check the length of the pin on the enrichment (manual to the electric). I did the same thing and the cable choke would not block off the port in the carb.
The pin on the cable one is shorter and also the housing that fit into the carb was long and had interference on the cable to the engine cover. I took it all off and stuck the electric one back in and connected the cable to the primer lever .
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