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2007 Prowler wont start

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Hello folks,
I have a 2007 prowler. the battery is good but it will not start. it has a strange grinding noise but does not turn over. the needle on the dash will go up and then either resets or BELT is displayed.
It ran just fine about a week ago when I plowed.
It has been 20 below the past few days but I did get the garage to 50 for a few hours today.
Any suggestions?
I'm not finding much info for this code. I did remove battery hoping i could reset this code but it did return.
will a bad belt stop it from turning over?
Could it be a starter?
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I don't know what it was. I pulled the starter, solenoid, and battery. I took apart the starter to make sure it was good. put it all back together and it fired up. I have no clue what the problem was. It was 20 and 30 below for 3 or 4 days.
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