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2008 Prowler XT 650 Blows Main Fuse When In Gear

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I'm helping a friend troubleshoot a newly acquired Prowler from a family member. Here are the symptoms:
1) When it's in neutral, the main 30 A fuse does not blow.
2) When the UTV is shifted into any gear, forward or reverse, the main fuse blows. The UTV does start in any gear, by the way. I'm not sure if this is by design or not.
3) When the relay for the headlights is removed, the UTV runs fine and the main fuse does not blow. The problem is that it is getting dark way too early.
4) With the four connectors to the headlights removed, the fuse blows when it's put in gear with the headlight relay in place.
5) With the headlight and bright light fuses removed, the main fuse blows instantly when place in gear.
6) Frequently, the 4WD engages when I put a multimeter across the inside headlight relay terminals, even with the 2WD/4WD relay disconnected.
We fixed some wires that had been chewed by mice, but at this point everything regarding damage to wiring seems to be OK. I found a few wiring diagrams on Google, but they were such poor quality that I couldn't read much on them. Can anyone point me in the direction of something that I might check out?

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Worst problem to fix! Wiring! At least you have it narrowed down the load side of the headlight relay.
Problem solved! Wire bundle was rubbing against frame

I was going through some old email and realized I hadn't closed this one out. The problem was with the wiring harness just behind the left (driver's side) front wheel. I'm not sure if this is a fairly common problem, but the wiring bundle was rubbing in an area and had been patched previously. The wire bundle wore through the patch and was shorting out the wiring again. It was fixed up pretty nicely, so we had overlooked it previously.
I looked at the wiring on my Prowler and it is routed the same! I ended up adding some rubber padding to several areas where the bundle contacts the frame.
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