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2010 prowler 700 xtx front locker not working

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Hey guys i have a 2010 arctic cat prowler 700 xtx, i bought it 2 weeks ago and have been having trouble with the front locker.

I will ride for about 3 to 4 hours and the locker will work without a problem but then all of a sudden it stops working, the 4 wheel drive still works fine just not the locker, then i put it in the shop and let it warm up and melt the snow off then i take it out the next day and it works fine, no slip.

I looked underneath while i switched the locker on and off and i hear the actuator work and i see it move the little pin in the side of the diff in and out but it still wont work until it sits for the night.

I dont hear any grinding or weird noises in the diff when driving.

any info on why it might b doing this would be greatly appreciated cus i would really like to have a locker that works

thanks guys
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Sounds like there maybe water that is freezing inside, check your diff oil
Sounds like there maybe water that is freezing inside, check your diff oil
Ya I have only had it out once and i changed all fluids b4 i went and i never got it into any water, and i checked it after just to make sure.

But i figured it out today anyways, it is the passenger side axle shaft is getting pushed out of the housing enough that it isn't engaging with that collar.

What must have happened is the shaft must have gotten pushed out just enough to not engage but when it warmed up it must have moved in just enough to work again.

My next question is i have been reading that there is a way to fix it by putting a o ring on the axle shaft to stop it from backing out, does anybody know the size of o ring that people r using.

so i fixed the moving axle shaft problem, the problem is that the spring clip is to small so it is really easy to compress it to pull the axle shaft out, so i took and put a small o ring in the groove under the spring clip it was either a 013 or 014 o ring and it makes it so that the axle shaft doesnt pull out easily so we will c how long that lasts
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