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I just bought my first AC. Its a 2010 XTX with 1069 miles on it. It surges like a wildebeest when I take off normally. I had first assumed that when i test drove it that was because someone had jacked with the clutch and it was engaging way to late. Come to find out later upon reading and reading in forums its this turf saver deal. So i did what someone suggested and put it in 4x4 mode and then it drove just fine. I watched a great video on a 09 here which was extreamly helpful. But my problem is that its a 09.

I could really use some help here picking the right parts.
I am looking at at the 550 xt gear PN:1402-245, the shafts are 1436-411. I can buy the gear from here, and I found a guy on ebay selling shafts for the 550xt for 109. I am not sure the 550 shafts will work on the 700. Can anyone confirm this and am i even doing the right thing here.

Thank you.
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