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2011 Prower 700 xtx , While climbing a moderately steep gravel road in high gear, 2 wheel drive, aprox 5 to 10 MPH: A problem with the driveline occured. The UTV began to loose speed; as I increased the throttle, the left/rear wheel began to spin, throwing up gravel, while the right/rear wheel just matched the speed of the UTV. Not dragging in the gravel, just appeared to be "free wheeling".

I suspect a problem with the rear differential. Normally it is locked full time, but now it seems that only the left/rear wheel has traction.

From the factory, the rear brake rotor was warped and made horrible grinding noises when applying the brake in a normal stop. Gradually, this improved to the point that the grinding noise was rare and occured only during more agressive stops. The parking brake now seems to have no effect on the calipers, and does not appear to be operating.

I don't know if these two symptoms are related, but they appear to be.

Has anyone out there experienced this problem? Your reply will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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