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I have a 2011 HDX 700 that has started making "clunking" Noises in Reverse and Low. Started suddenly in the course of normal operation (no heavy strain or anything) around the ranch. The clunk follows vehicle speed when driving - but the rate is 'transmission' or 'output' speed not engine - and is pretty 'intense' in reverse. Clearly a moving part that is clunking - probably every rotation of some component. It also makes a similar noise in low - maybe not quite as extreme and at a different rate. High does not make the sound. So, whatever it is, is common to reverse and low, but not high.
Because if follows reverse and low - I'm thinking I've got a chipped tooth in the tranny - but I'm not sure. Have not been able to isolate it. I've been in transmissions, but never one of these.

--> Question: Is there a common gear between low and reverse that is not in the circuit for high. I've looked at the service manual, but there is no theory of operation so I can't quite figure out the gear meshing structure.

I cant see how clutch or driveline, before the secondary transmission, could be sensitive to gear selection.

Unfortunately - reverse, high and low are all in the middle of the case - think you actually have to split the case to access. If I'm gunna do that, then I should be looking at bearings, rings, etc.

--> Question: Any good way to diagnose?

Suggestions welcome.
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