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2013 HDX engine revs won’t pull but no noise

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13’ HDX 700 @ 2600 hours no problem or noises. Hadn’t ridden in couple weeks let it warm a few minutes took off after got to 20 mph noticed engine little louder than normal guess turning few more rpm’s at that speed. Started down incline noticed kinda freewheeling no engine braking , went back up incline just quit pulling , no noise at all but smelt a slight burning smell. Pulled it back home, is this what a drive belt would do when goes out? Thx
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Well belt not bad at all well atleast til squirrels or rats packed peanuts I bait deer with down in drive belt assembly. Lol
That was what made belt slip as it made peanut butter out of all the peanuts. Cleaned it out with water then put new Belt in back together takes off like a new one
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