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guys , im doing this because my business is in the toilet ! i i could really use the cash .

if anybody is interested i need to move whats left to my XTZ . i sold the motor, diffs and harness a few months ago .and was planning to install a SV1000 Suzuki motor in it . but right now i dont see being able to finish it any time soon . ill get some [pics posted later it does have all the wheels on it and can roll around . i have almost everything to complete the swap including a Super Kart FNR box , or you can build it as a SV1 with the Weller engine and carrier mount i have . so if anybody is serious about building a really fast dune and desert car or a short course racer , here is a great start !

SV1000 suzuki motor 13k miles . 107hp complete with harness and gauge pod .
new Weller racing SV1 motor/carrier mount .
dual exhaust
new SUPER Kart forward/ reverse box with shifter cable
Magunum offroad 6+ chromoly LT kit
good baja cross tires
sand tires
UTVinc 4 seater cage with upolstered aluminum roof
RZR front seats
car already has VOLT , OIL ,TEMP gauges.
custom bumper.
NEW RCI 10 gal aluminum fuel cell sending unit
NEW fuel pump 255gph
NEW AREOMOTIVE pressure reg, boost sensitive
NEW Wilwood aluminum clutch pedal and mastercylinder
NEW oring chain
VW CV flanges

$6500 doesnt cover all of the parts not to mention the cost of the car .

im NOT going to Part it out ! if i cant sell the whole thing ill put in it storage for now and finish it in the future

please call me if your serious or have any questions .

thanks Matt
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