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Access and Advocacy go hand-in hand

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Access and Advocacy go hand-in hand, without Advocacy we WILL lose Access.

Please spend some time reviewing the following informational Access Advocacy starter threads . . .

" Forms Partnership with the BlueRibbon Coalition" . . .

"Why We Should Stand Side X Side with the BlueRibbon Coalition" . . .

"How to Keep OHV Trails Open" . . .

"A New President! Now What? - Recreationists Must Unite and Mobilize Now!" . . . Article on a New President. Now What? By Del Albright

"Down and Dirty of Land Use" . . . Quills: A Call To Quills by Del Albright

"Meet Your Friends" . . .

"Recreation Activist's Toolkit" . . . BlueRibbon Coalition - Recreation Activist's Toolkit

"Recreational Access and Conservation Glossary" . . . United Four Wheel Drive Associations Official Site - United Online - An International Organization

and then get to Advocating . . . together we'll stand!

Thank you in advance for your efforts in helping to preserve access to OUR public lands!!!
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Be Proactive, Someone Who Makes Things Happen . . .
Not One Who Stands Around Wondering What The Hell Happened!
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