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Anyone know anything about the 2015 exmark 700s

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I just bought this 2015 exmark from the original dealer. They loaned it out for a fall festival for a week every summer since it was new. I know AC made it for Exmark. The only difference is it has the Exmark stickers instead of AC. I’m trying to figure out what exactly it is so I can order a lift and things for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Same Same Arctic Cat Prowler 700 HDX. Same machine, different badging!
I figured that was case. Do you know if all the 15’s had power steering? This on doesn’t. That’s where I’m getting confused on what year to get a lift for.
All 2015 HDX 700's had Power Steering, the HDX 500's did not.
That’s where it gets confusing. The vin say mfg date 1/15. Insurance company says it’s a 15. It’s for sure a 700. So that’s where I’m at. I know it should have power steering from everything I’ve read. But it doesn’t. And came from the dealer that way. I guess there is some difference between the Exmark and the hdx. Which sucks because I can’t find any information on the Exmark 700s
That is odd. Found a parts diagram for the Exmark 700, and they do not show power steering. Not sure it would be worth the cost to add it on! This is the link I used
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