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I have an Arctic Cat Prowler 2007 H1 Red, im having some problems i cant understand, when i start the engine and drive every thing works grate, after like 5 - 10 minutes of driving the Letter 'D' (On the Screen that shows D/N/R/L) replaces with the letter 'E'.
At that point, when im accelerating, its stop accelerate at 35 RPM exactly and it wont go faster oh higher in the RPM.
If ill put it in Nutral after it get stuck on 35RPM every thing will go well and it wont get stuck, but then when ill put it again in D it will show me the letter 'E' and will get stuck at 35 RPM.

*When i say 35 RPM i mean (of course) 35 as showen at the gauge when i
program it to show RPM's.

I dont know what to do, i dont have even a clue about what could cause such a problam.

*If i post it at the wrong forum, please currect me, i'm new to here

And one morething i got to ask, if you advicing me to do something, can you please attach a picture, i'm new to this.
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