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Arctic Cat Harness Bars

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Utvcrap has come up with a new harness bar for the Prowler
Raw 89.95
Powder coated black 119.95
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Bought one from you a few days ago and it's great. Very nice and tight fit. Got some 3" Crow belts from you to go with and I feel much safer and in control of things. Thanks for the great products. I also picked of a set of the dirt lights plug and play HID headlamps from you and wow what a difference. I may get a second set for the low beams. Thanks Jonny and Nick keep up the good work.

Todd I heard a HORROR story about a XTZ at Crown King on Sunday, please tell me it wasnt you.

No it wasn't me. I barely made it out of the parking lot before my right axle came out about 1/2 inch. I loaded up and headed home. My buddy did pass a Arctic Cat 700 with no one around and a broken axle. They had to get some parts and go back the next day was the story I heard second hand. Not a good day for the Arctic Cat crowd that's for sure. See you guys next week some time.
The story i heard was of an xtz trying to make it up a pretty rough climb... It ended up with them having to tow it back to the staging area because the whole ass end tore off basically.
No I get back to town on Sunday and I will pick it up on Monday. I will let everyone know what happens after a little testing on Monday. My friend said the Arctic Cat he passed that was stranded was not an XTZ but who knows maybe two Cats were down last weekend.
axles better ??? what did you figure out ??
Hey Guys

Today was a good day.

I have an update to my axle issues. I went out and put 50 miles of good hard testing on the Cat and I am happy to report that so far the axles have not moved a bit and there is no gear lube loss at all. It seems as though the 2 little o-rings that they installed in the groove where the C-clip sits are doing the job. The micro fish shows three o-rings but the tech from my dealer was told by AC to use two. I would suggest that these are replaced every time you take an axle out. They are very thin o-rings and I cant see how they will survive after 1 or 2 uses. The kit that AC sends out also has a thicker c-clip. My Cat is going in for the 100 mile oil change and inspection tomorrow. Next week I will do some more testing and report back. I am feeling much better about my decision to by the XTZ now. I hope the axles continue to stay put. Everything else on the Cat is working great. The motor seems to be getting stronger as she breaks in. It feels as though when you go full throttle from a stand still on pavement it wants to lift the front end. I think it would if the CVT set up didn't have safety slip built into it. The only other issue I had was the 10 amp high beam fuse broke last night but I do have the Dirtlights HID replacement's from UTV Crap so they must require a 15 amp fuse. I will look into this. The lights are very bright and at $150.00 a set a bargain. My night time driving is fun now that I can see 3/4 mile ahead of me.. For now I am one happy Cat owner.

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as always instock for you guys
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