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When Arctic Cat asked us if we wanted to attend the introduction to the newest member of its Prowler family, we could hardly contain ourselves. It has been rumored that AC’s engineers would use the Thunder Cat 951cc motor in this new Prowler—the XTZ 1000H2, which AC classified as an ROV (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle)--and for once the rumors were true. Taking up AC on its invitation, we headed out to South Dakota to get a gander at its newest Prowler.

The flight into South Dakota was relaxing. The skies were clear and blue. It seemed like you could see forever. Off in the distance, about halfway to our destination, we could see the snow-covered mountains near Jackson Hole, WY. As we were nearing the airport the pilot came on the intercom and said the people on the left side of the aircraft would have a good view of Mt. Rushmore (he even banked the plane for a better view). It just so happened I was on the left side. Rushmore is an impressive sight--even from the air it looked massive.
Speaking of impressive, it only took one look at the Sunset Orange Prowler XTZ 1000H2 for us to be very impressed. The color is striking-- Arctic Cat uses metallic automotive paint that can be buffed and waxed if you happen to scratch the paint--and the machine looked not only beautiful but tough as nails just standing still
Arctic Cat chose an area in South Dakota’s Black Hills for a day of riding. I had thought that we would be bounding through trees and forests, but to my surprise our ride took place mainly in treeless expanses of hills, whoops, white sand and hard pack in order for us to give the Prowler XTZ a good workout. Our test area was a public designated riding area, but since we happened to be there in the middle of the week, we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.

2009 Arctic Cat Prowler XTZ 1000H2 Review | ATV Illustrated


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