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Dear Trail Voter,

TPAC's Election Day prediction is that you will elect a pro-trail/pro-regulatory reform President, a pro-trail majority in the U.S. Senate, and retain the pro-trail majority in the House of Representatives.

Your energy for this election is fueled by the fact that you are tired of being tired. OHVers are tired of having the Forest Service ignore public input during the travel planning process. We are tired of having to pay $150 dollars to fill up our ¾ ton diesel pickup on the way up to our favorite riding area. We are tired of the EPA and other federal regulators creating new and politically motivated regulations that impact our access to roads and trails.

Other voting blocks are tired too. Coal miners in the battleground states are tired of federal regulators implementing plans to put them out of business. Gun owners in those same states are tired of new proposals by the administration to impact their 2nd Amendment rights. Churches are tired of having the federal government impose rules and regulations that violate their religious beliefs. Family breadwinners are tired of worrying about losing their job. Parents are tired of their college kids being forced to move back home after graduating because there are no post-graduation jobs.

TPAC believes trail-voters will know by early Wednesday morning who our next President and Senate Majority leader are. TPAC also believes there will be one or two "surprise" states in the West who will go for our candidates. Those two states are OR and NV.

You can now see that being "tired" is a huge motivator and it will be the deciding factor in this election. As results come in tonight - watch to see how many of our key targeted races win. Now go out and vote Pro-Trail!


President and Vice-President of the United States

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan

U.S. Senate

Tom Smith (PA - Senate)
Richard Mourdock (IN-Senate)
Josh Mandel (OH-Senate)
Tommy Thompson (WI-Senate)
Dean Heller (NV - Senate)
Denny Rehberg (MT-Senate)
George Allen (VA- Senate)
Jeff Flake (AZ - Senate)
Heather Wilson (NM-Senate)
Rick Berg (ND-Senate)

U.S. House of Representatives

Andy Barr (KY CD-6)
John Koster (WA CD-1)
Dan Lungren (CA CD-7)
Chip Cravaack (MN CD-8)
Ricky Gill (CA CD-9)
Scott Tipton (CO-CD-3)

Thanks for voting to protect your FREEDOM to enjoy OHV recreation on public and private lands.

Don Amador, Founder
The Trail PAC
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