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Slip-On Exhaust-
BMP has a new slip-on exhaust for your Prowler! The stock muffler is very restrictive which gives up the opportunity to gain tons of bottom and top end power with just this silencer. The silencer Gains 200 RPM on top and 2-3 MPH! not to mention you shed 4 lbs off the stock muffler! Also available with a removable spark arrestor.

Retail: $249.95 (stealth Black) $299.95 (chrome, available soon)
Forum Special: $225.00 (stealth black) $270 (chrome)


Boondocker EFI Controller-
The Boondocker EFI control box allows you independent control of your fuel settings. You can richen our lean out your fuel at up to 5 different rpm settings! Go from 30 points richer to 30 points leaner for the ultimate adjustability of your Prowler. If you have a full mod motor that more fuel or just a stocker than needs to be dialed in, this is the most advanced fuel management system available. Digital display makes it easy to read and adjust. Simple installation.

Retail: $419.95
Forum Special: $379.95


Koso Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge-

12V DC Voltage Only
Display Range 10.0-24.0 A/F
Over Lean Setting 14.8-24.0 A/F
Over Rich Setting 14.6-10.0 A/F
Screen Update's 2 x Second
Water Proof
Instrument Weighs 3 oz's
Instrument dimensions 4.0"L x 1.75"H x 1.0"W


Koso Instrument
Bosch Wide-Band O2 sensor
Weld Bung & Plug
Wiring Harness
Universal Mounting Bracket
Instruction Manual

Retail: $339.00
Forum Special: $299.95


Full Exhaust, Clutch kit, intake & more performance products coming soon!

Use code 414 when ordering (online in comments section) to get these deals.

Always feel free to give us a call with any questions or when ordering!

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A fuel controller is always a good thing to get the most out of an exhaust. As of right now it seems you can get by without one if need be. With intake mods you will definitely need a controller and yet there are some good hp benefits.

I will keep you updated on the pipe, we should have the prowler back on the dyno early next week.

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Just got off the Prowler 1000 and man that thing rips with our pipe on it! We threw a new shift cam into it which kept it off the rev limiter so we can see this pipe truly shine. I have a sound clip/vic and a walk through with our Boondocker control box also.

This pipe sounds really good with a nice deep rumble, but it wont make the neighbors mad!
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