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I have a 2008 Prowler 650. My hood is pretty badly faded due to the previous owner keeping it outside all the time and not waxing it properly.

I noticed that a local salvage yard has a 2011 700 HDX available for parts and the hood and front body panels all look good. My front fender on the drivers side is badly cracked due to a run-in with a tree, so I figure I can swap out my old panels with the ones from the HDX, if I can get them at a reasonable price. They're camo too, so that's nice.

Does anyone know if they will fit properly? They seem to be the same, but I'd rather know before going over there to buy them.

Also, while I'm asking, would the steering rack and column fit on my '08 as well? Mine needs to be replaced and this may be an option.

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