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BRC Experiences 22% Increase in Membership

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Thanks to many of you folks and according to a publication I just received, the BlueRibbon Coalition has seen a 22% increase in membership over the past eight months which amounts to nearly 2500 new members!

This gives them much more financial and on-the-ground support to continue fighting for OUR Public Land Access.

Kudos to those of you who have joined or contributed to the main National Organization that specializes in advocating for and when necessary, litigating for our right to ride!

As an individual dues paying member of the BRC and true believer in what they do I want to extend my personal thanks to those of you who have become new members, you know who you are and you rock!!!

Here is a link to their latest membership incentive offer, for those of you who are not yet members please consider taking advantage of this awesome deal . . .

Whether you are a Member or not I would also encourage you to sign up for their Action Alerts and the BRC’s Recreation News feeds at . . .

Thanks again folks, together we WILL stand!!!
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