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Senator Johanns e-Update (excerpts)

December 17

I'm pleased that Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) last night pulled the plug on the $1.27 trillion spending bill. While this omnibus bill would fund the government, it was tainted with more than 6,000 special interest earmarks and more runaway spending. The Senate is instead expected to pass a bill to temporarily keep government agencies running. This bill could surface and the vote could be called at any moment, with less than 48 hours until a government shutdown if no action is taken. The new, more balanced Congress convenes in January and can thoughtfully debate a budget that cuts spending and pork-barrel waste.

The American people spoke loud and clear on November 2. They are crying for an open and transparent government, not one that tries to cram expensive and controversial measures through Congress with little debate and thought. I hope my colleagues will realize the importance of this transparency and rational thought and postpone their consideration until 2011.
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