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burning oil

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My XTZ is burning oil, it was a half quart low before I did the first service around 97miles, I filled it to about less then half on the dip stick ran checked it ran it check it then went on desert trip. now I have around 275 miles and I checked it today and it's not even registering, also it looks like I have a water pump seal leak it looks like coolant down the left front case. anyone else have this problem?
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Yeah man same problem with the water pump, they replaced mine at the dealer, wouldnt worry too much about burning oil yet, just run the crap out of that Hemi and get it broke in good. keep a check on the level but running a quart low wont hurt anything, it may even run a little cooler running a little low.
I just wonder if running synthetic oil from the start doesn't give a true break in let the rings seat, I noticed when it was brand new it smoked a little, I'll give my dealer a call about the pump
Shawn do you smell colant inside your cab when you are riding? I do in mine but I haven't seen any leaks or noticed any. As for the oil problem I haven't noticed it being low. I have over 550 miles on mine now.
When it heats up the coolants spits from the reservoir overflow tube at speed blows on the fire wall and seeps inside the cab, I think the 13 lbs radiator cap should be more like a 16 lbs that would help, I'm going to buy the water temp setup soon to see what I'm really running
Let me know how it works. I was thinking about buying one also. How is your rear diff and axle problem going. I still haven't had one come out but I did just notice some fluid on the seal ring.
I need to pick one up not sure where yet. so far so good on my axles just need to replace a CV boot,there was no warning signs in my case, you might want to pull on your CV if it slide out by hand your clip is done
I found were some of my oil is going, that fluid that I thought was coolant down the front left of motor is actually oil it seems to to be getting past the water pump O ring or seal out of a tiny hole at the top were the pump slide in, that's a relief if that's all it is maybe it has something to do with my over heating.It started to overheated when I let it idle to find the leak I'll figure it out and bitch more later.
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