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I found a really good deal on a 09 XTZ 1000 leftover so it is brand new. Thinking of going that route or I also like the Turbo one for sale on here by MCX. I had a RZR before but just didn't like the size and the fact of it having no storage. My wife isnt as keen on the Prowler because it has no protection on the sides of the machine and it looks easy to fall out. Plus she doesn't like the roll bar as well.

So this is what I am looking for and would appreciate if someone could point me in some directions.

Doors of some sort. I like the looks of the sides on that HCR one on the main page. I bet them are side mounts and not doors but man if those were doors I would be ALL OVER them!

Does anyone make some add in bracing for the roll cage? I seen a harness bar and think that is a good idea and I think I will be getting some harnesses. for it. I don't want a full on cage as I plan on hunting with this and bed access is a must.

If I dont get the Turbo, what engine mods are a must for this thing? Intakes, exhaust, CDI's??????
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