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LK - Coming to BLM Lands or National Forests in your State soon! Especially if her husband Richard Blum happens to own land next to areas like these which were in the planning phase for solar and wind farm renewable energy projects. Now these companies will have to relocate to Blum’s “private” land at great expense or on to what remains of OUR “disturbed” OHV areas. “Streamline Permitting (for development) on Federal Lands” directly adjacent to the very lands she proposes to protect??

Article Excerpts:

“California Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) on January 25 introduced a bill to create two new national monuments, expand national parks, designate a quarter-million acres of wilderness, protect four waterways and improve recreation in Southern California.

Feinstein's "California Desert Protection Act of 2011" includes many proposals she pitched in the last Congress but is being introduced separate from provisions in last year's bill seeking to accelerate renewable energy development on private and disturbed public lands.

Parts of the proposal met resistance last May during a Senate hearing in which Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the ranking member of the committee, criticized Feinstein's bill as a "not in my backyard" approach that has tied up solar projects nationwide.

The previous desert protection bill also called for Renewable Energy Coordination Offices to streamline permitting on federal lands and sought to make some private lands available for solar development and expand the existing transmission infrastructure.

More here . . .
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