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I just thought I'd look online and see if anything came up, I pulled up the Rhinos forum and there was some that people thought were stolen or whatever, thought maybe the Prowler forum would, but I cant find it??

We had our Prowler stolen just 14 miles out of Indianapolis Jan 20th. It was unloaded from the trailer it was on and taken. It was used for work on the pipeline and my husband and his crew were less than 1/2 mile away.

Dont ask me why because I honestly do not know, but we had no insurance on it at the time.. since it was offroad we didnt need plates or nothing and I had only seen it one time. I posted on CL as "wanted" and someone tole me about I dont know where else to look maybe someone can help me or keep an eye out for it. :)

We filed the VIN number with AC up in TRF, and with the police.

I hope this is a legal post... if not let me know or edit it to make it one. Thank You.


Between the hours of 6-8pm on 1-20-09 the Prowler was taken off the trailer it was on and reloaded onto the trailer with Iowa plates. Key was in the prowler at the time. Owner and workers were working with lights on the pipeline 1/2 mile away. Police were called when it was noticed it was gone. Police are thinking the thiefs are local to the area and were watching the daily activity of the workers.

2008 Arctic Cat Prowler XTX 700 EFI. Silver in color, dump box is black. Has a front end winch. VIN # 4UF08MPV58T307796. Was taken on a trailer with Iowa plates- plate # 8543 MD. The Prowler has no plates, tabs or stickers on it, but does have some small melt marks in the right back fender from a weedburner. Rear driverside tire goes low from time to time.

Engine ID #- 0700A20203940
Series or Model #- U2008P2T4EUSL

Can contact Johnson Co Sheriffs Dept in Franklin, IN. Case workers name is Deputy James Bryant. 317-736-9155
Was taken from the pipeline crossing south of Bargersville on hwy 135 before the stoplights. We are hoping to get this back and will pay up to $3000 for the return of our prowler! Thank You for looking!!

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Going on a big ride in April to a well known UTV area. We will all have camera's and I will have everyone keep an eye open. You never know. I would dig into my insurance policies and check to see if anything like that is covered. Home owners or company policies cover all kinds of weird stuff but it being over a year ago is probably gonna make it tuff. Can't believe someone would have the balls to do that.
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