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Everyone with an XTZ 1000 needs to check the two plastic tubes coming out of the bottom of the air box reagularly to make sure they are not melted off.

When trying to find out why the plastics under the passenger seat caught on fire I discovered one of the tubes had actually melted. This tube was melted prior to the fire under the passenger seat. When I took the air box lid off, it was full of sand and oil on the carb side and the boot going to the carb was full of sand and oil from the last dunes trip which was 4 weeks prior to the fire.

The oil was "metallic" according to the dealer. I saw the drain plug and it was covered 1/4" thick with metal shavings and chunks...some chunks were over 1/8". Compression in one of the cylinders was only 80 lbs.

The dealer is in the process of tearing down the engine now to see if I need to replace the upper end or the entire engine.
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