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control arm bushings

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Wasn't sure were to post this but farther research i found the control arm bushings for the 500,700 and 1000 are all the same part numbers.
I have a 2016 HDX700 i was doing my normal yearly service (oil, filter fluids ect) Anyway when i jacked to up i found i have movement in the wheels thinking it was a wheel bearing i bought a bearing grease tool. as i was disassm. to grease i think the movement i have is in the control arm bushings.
Is this a common problem with these? Does anyone make a aftermarket bushing? or is OEM the only way? is it worth the trouble to drill and put a grease fitting in the arms? I have just over 1000 miles and not the easiest miles either.
I'm sure you know aftermarket upgrade are far and few between as we seem to be pushed aside for the Wild Cats. God forbid have a machine that you can do work with during the week and have fun with on the weekend. (yes i'm bitter lol )
Thank you for any input
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I just found another forum that had replaced their's with a set from "Rick the Rocket" RTR Custom Fab. Has anyone used them? any input?
Rick the Rocket bushings are great! I've had mine in for over 5years with no sign of wear, they also offer a reduced steering effort set. Highly recommended upgrade!
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