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Why I will never use Country Cat Home again

Even as I write this it confuses the hell out of me so why should I expect yall to understand. Let me preface this with saying that I have ordered from Country Cat before with out a problem but this purchase cost me some serious money. Part of the blame here belongs with arctic cat store as well.

But I determined that I wanted to add a snow plow to my 2015 Prowler XT 1000. I determined what the correct part number was from the Arctic Cat store and then started shopping. I only contacted 2 different part sites with Country Cat being one. One of the two told me that the part number that I got from the Arctic Cat Store was wrong and that I needed a different part. Now if you run the part numbers on the Arctic Cat Store site both show to fit the xt, but only one says the 1000xt. The one that fits the 1000xt is the one that I needed but was not the one that was ordered.

However; if you run the correct part number on the Country Cat site its shows to fit the HDX. (After this snafu they corrected their sight but I have screen shots before that correction) So based on the wrong part number I commenced to ordering from the Country Cat site with over 800 of my retirement money spent. On February 10, 2016 . Shortly after placing the order I called Country Cat to insure that I had ordered correctly. They called me back within a few minutes. My main concern since I was spending so much money, was my order complete and correct. The salesman informed me that I had forgotten to place the order for the plow blade, other than that the order was complete and correct. I then placed the order via the internet for the blade. Those two transactions are easily visible on my credit card website.

The order arrived in a timely fashion and in good order and then I went to the closest reputable atv shop which is a 100 mile round trip for me. They spent ? shop hours trying to determine why the wrong part would not fit. This cost me an unknown amount of dollars, plus 7 hours of my time and the cost of gas to get there.

Country Cat customer service was receptive with my issue and stated that they would issue a return authorization for me. But they seemed to be more concerned with, was the part to be returned still in good shape and not concerned with the fact that they sent me the wrong part to begin with. They appeared to also try and lay the blame off on Arctic Cat which I had to agree with. But I am the customer and it’s not my job to try and pick out the mistakes of either the manufacturer or the dealership.

I did suggest to Country Cat that they modify their website to show what machines a part fits. Within a reasonable amount of time they did do this, however I have screen shots of their website prior to their change showing that they advertised a different fitment.

I relied on the local dealership to send the wrong part back for me. I inspected the part prior to my leaving the shop and it was in good order. On February 26 I received a call from Country Cat. They said that the part was banged up and parts were missing and that they were not going to issue a refund. Also they challenged the fact regarding my calling in to go over my order and that I could not prove what was said in the conversation. Which is true but I can show via my phone records what time the calls occurred.

I called the located dealership and they claimed that they were very careful with the part and insured that all parts were sent back and they challenged what Country Cat said.

At this point I am still not sure how much this is going to cost me over what it should have, but at lest several hundred dollars.

Bottom line it is up to you to determine if you will trust Country Cat with you money, I know I wont.

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I know this wont help but always take pictures of what you are returning also the only place I will order Arctic Cat parts from is Im sorry about your bad experience with CC.
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