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Hi Everyone,
I've had my 07 Prowler for about 6 weeks and I'm totally addicted to it. Since the desert is in my backyard I'm getting a lot of trail time and I want to ask about recommendations for better than stock suspension and exhaust. Also any other mods that just make sense to do? I'm so new to ownership I don't even know the right mods to ask about much less what specifically is recommended. Even with a stock setup except for an a extended roll cage and the rear seat for the kiddos, it performs quite well. Anyway, I'm ready to drop some coin and would relish feedback from those of you that have gone before me. I realize there will be different opinions on stuff but that's ok with me. I don't even know where to start but I know I'd like to go faster over the moguls without killing the Prowler and its occupants.

PS I have one problem related to gear engagement (high forward) and not sure what to search on...when I move the shifter to high gear and place it in the 'lock' position to the 'left' (just above the low position) it won't go into gear. I have to massage the shifter to the right and then the belt kind of eventually grabs after making a bit of crunching noise. Problem is I can't really lock the shifter into the proper position which means I risk popping out of high gear while I'm going down the trail. Thoughts/direction appreciated.
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