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Do the AC HDX line have rev Limiter in Park?

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Hey Guys.... New on the Board here and so glad I found yall. I just picked up a 2016 HDX 500 from an auction and will spend the winter rebuilding her.
Former owner had hit a log going about 25 and ripped off lower control arm in the front. Insurance company totaled it and I picked it up for cheap.

Other than the suspension work and a little frame work its in great shape and was used less than 100 hours. Here is my question.

I just picked it up form the Auction lot. She won't roll because Knuckle/lower arm was ripped off. She sat at the Auction yard for 8 months. I drained fuel and
put fresh gas in. She cranked right up and idles beautifully around 900 RPM or so. If you give it some gas in park she revs to about 1800 then stumbles down to 900
then back to 1800 then down to 900. If you let off the gas it goes back to 900 idle and stays perfect. Sounds like a rev limiter is kicking in. Doesn't sound like a bad fuel or injector issue.

I know the manual says don't increase revs above idle in Park or belt damage could result. Do these HDX/Prowler have a Rev limiter on them in park that prevents belt damage? It sounds like
a rev limiter kicking in and cutting spark.

Either this is a common thing that every owner knows and I am idiot.... Or this is a solo issue just I have. Thanks for the help guys
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Not aware of any rev limiter in park, but it would make sense to have one. What does it do in neutral?
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