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Dyno Numbers!

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Well we did quite a bit of testing with the beastly Prowler 1000 and are pleased with the end results. Cams, exhaust, clutching and small intake mods can make almost 10rwhp. Those are some great gains, and i must say.. this thing is just wicked fast! Almost scary.. acceleration is absolutely insane! We even tested this against a stocker and at 50mph ours already had 3 lengths on it... while spinning the tires like crazy! Its one of the coolest sounding off road machines I've ever heard!

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So if I interperet this correctly, the slip-on alone w/no intake mods or fuel / air mods makes 2+ horsepower?
Does running the slip-on alone make the ratio too lean?
I'm just checking , the numbers I can barely read on my computer it looks like the stock xtz 1000 is around 46 hp and after your kit its around 56 hp, give or take , Hotseat Performance stock numbers were around 58 hp stock, can the the dyno machines vary that much just asking high 40 hps just seems low for a 950 v twin maybe I read it wrong ,
From what I've seen, the Dynojet dynos always show low numbers compared to other makes. Damfino!
I was just thinking who's numbers do you go by, I guess it doesn't matter , unless you want to compare products from different shops
When you are talking small numbers 1-2 hp, even atmospheric conditions from day to day can make a difference.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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