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East coast XTZ for sale

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:att: I have a 2009 XTZ with 350lb springs out back 210 up front, (4) HID lights, folding windshield, soft top and back, ///Airdam stage 4 clutch, SS 212 wheels with 27.5 Pit Bull growlers with stock tires and wheels also, Warn 3500xd winch with nylon and wireless remote, custom built tie rods and ends, (WILL NOT BREAK), frame has also been reinforced with solid steel rods in the frame. you can turn a RZRs sideways anytime they make noise and still haul all their gear for them!! $8200 it is located in KY at the moment but will consider meeting you somewhere on the east coast for delivery!! This machine is Bad ASS and is ready to prove it! but the wife says were broke and I gotta sell it. My loss your gain.
plenty of pictures available just ask and I will e-mail them to ya.

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at that price, not even a bite?
OK what would it take to make you interested???
New to Prowler

Hallon, I have just begun searching for a Prowler and came across your add. What is an XTZ as far as engine size and other details. E-mail me at [email protected]
Am very interested in your Prowler, wish to immediately proceed further as well as to talk about how I can get it to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, I will pay all freight of course.
can you email me your phone no?
[email protected]
Have you folks struck a deal or is the machine still for sale?

Believe we have agreement, working on shipping
You beat me to it! Good for you enjoy your new machine.
always seem to be all or nothing, I have 2 people very interested in it at this point, John was the first in line and we are working on shipping thing, I should know Monday if that is for sure a deal, I won't sell it out from under him until I hear from him on Monday. :fingersx: but interest seems to be picking up..
will do Bro, thanks for the interest.
East Coast XTZ for sale

Have been unable to secure shipping to Idaho, feel free to contact Greg, believe he is a good guy with a great machine
thanks John for the good words, I am so sorry the shipping turned out to be such a rip off. Hell maybe we should be in the trucking business about now. LOL hope ya find something closer for ya.
SOLD it!! its loaded up and on its way to Iowa!!

Enjoy it and be safe!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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