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I went to take a spin in my 2007 Prowler 650 and the engine started cutting out and then died. I got it back to the house and started checking things out. It appears that when I hit the throttle, it starts to miss around 3000....mash the pedal and it hits the rev limiter at 4500. The problem is, I have an aftermarket cdi which eliminates the reverse rev limiter! The switch it not connected to anything at this time and has not been since I got it. I swappped cdi's, coil and wire, spark plug, all from a working prowler. I also put all of my parts on the other prowler and they all worked fine. I have 120psi of compression, which is the same as the running cat. I have ran a jumper wire across the 2 terminals of the plug for the reverse limiter, still same problem. I have this problem in every gear, and the dash is showing the correct gear that I select. Any ideas? I'm pretty sure that the cat somehow thinks it is in reverse and is somehow cutting out the engine.


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