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Friedjof from Germany

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Hi Prowler community,

My name is Friedjof and I’m from Germany. I drive ATV since more then 20 years. 2007 I changed too a Prowler 650 XT Evo X.

Attached you can see some photos from my Prowler.

This rig is equipped with:

EuTeG 650 H1 Evo X engine
EuTeG Carburator
EuTeG Jet Kit
EuTeG Evo X exhaust system
EuTeG Clutch Kit
Green Filter
FMP Evo X Gear boxes / Front WD (2WD), Rear WD (2WD), All WD (4WD)
FMP Brake System (5x brake disc system / 7x floating brake calliper system)
FMP Brembo brake callipers
FMP Wave Brake Discs
Fox and WP Suspension System
FMP Skid Plate
FMP Sport Bumper
FMP Front Hood Stick Stopper
FMP Hella lights
FMP RC Front Winch / RC Rear Winch
3x 3000 Warn Winch / 1x FMP Winch Multi Mount with RC System
4 Point Safety Belt
EuTeG double battery system
EuTeG electrical main switch

At the pictures you can see roof rack with Arctic Cat Kayaks. I found a German manufacturer for Kayaks and he create a special lime green Kayak. I think it is a great combination.

As a special plus we can drive legal on road. My Prowler is European Street Legal.

If you have some more questions let me know.

See you

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Welcome Friedjof! Looks like you are having some fun there!
Guten Tag Friedjof, I believe your our first member outside the US! Thanks for sharing the pictures. How big is the UTV/SideXSide market in Germany? Is Arctic Cat the most popular?

Thanks for this great Forum. We have a lot of ATV Forum but in the most time for China and Taiwan Quads. We have no special SXS Forum.

The ATV market in Europe is not as big as the US market. But we can go “On Road” with a European Street Legal Homologation. That's pretty great. The Off Road use is not so easy. If we want to go Off Roading we must drive or pick up the bike and travel to an Off Road park.

The biggest brands in Europe are Suzuki and Yamaha. Arctic Cat has approximately 5000 ATVs and UTVs per year in Europe. But it is OK because Arctic Cat starts to deal in Europe 4 years ago.

The SXS market is really small. I was one of the first Prowler owner in Germany.

Speak you soon

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Great pics! Welcome to the site :hand:
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