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Hello all, I just finished fighting with my front diff on my 2013 prowler 700 xtx. I pulled the actuator off and sure enough it had moisture in it.
When I pulled the actuator off of my machine I started looking at the pin that comes out the backside of the diff that goes into the actuator and the pin would barely move. My understanding is that this pin engages the 4x4 when the actuator moves it, the 4x4 locker works when I engage it by hand so my problem I think is with the pin.

I see on the manual that there should be a spring on that pin and mine had no spring to be seen. So my question is can I just get a new pin and all the little orings and shove it back in the diff or do I have to take the diff out and open it up?
I'm far from a mechanic just tryin to fix my poosy kitty to plow snow up here in Manitoba..... Thanks in advance guys.
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