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With more than 15 years of experience in producing high-quality accessories for side-by-sides, which is a relatively new market segment, Seizmik continues creating products that are extremely useful and convenient to use. No matter where you take your UTV and how you utilize it, Seizmik accessories make it easier and more fun to use. The company is known for offering a range of windshields, rear view and side mirrors, cargo racks, and of course, gun racks, cases, and holders.

Seizmik engineers are active side-by-side users themselves, so they know exactly how to make the life of a UTV owner easier. For avid hunters or gun enthusiasts, the company offers a range of accessories created for safe and easy transportation of your shotguns, rifles and even assault rifles with outstanding muzzle control. Each of these holders and cases is designed with closed-cell foam or soft rubber pads preventing scratches or any damage to the weapon.
Seizmik® - Armory-X™ Gun Rack

Seizmik® 07100 - Armory SST Gun Case -

Seizmik® - Custom Overhead Gun Rack -

Seizmik® 07200 - ICOS In Cab On Seat Gun Holder -

Browse the catalog of Seizmik products for your Arctic Cat Prowler at by clicking this button:

You can call our customer support line at 888.903.4348 (toll free) in case you have any question.
Or you can simply ask them here or in PM.​
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