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First of all I apologize for my english, I have an arctic cat prowler 550 XT model 2012, lately I have some problems after running it for about 10 miles stop for a couple of hours and the. Started it again when running it stop losing power and I have to go maybe on 20 miles per hour, when acelerate to get more power it starts like to cough like fuel gas did not go through in a good way. We try to check on the injectors it looks ok however we order 1 to change it but there came the second problem, we order the reference 0470762 however the one that sent us said AASII and it did not work the one that had it before was AASW, so basically we install again the old one but we are having same problem, works when I start the day but arter warm it los power, could you please help me first to know where the problem come from and second to buy an injector as bot aparently are same referwnce 0470762 but are different at the moment of install and work with them.
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