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I was wondering how many miles are on your Prowler and what is considered high milage, and what milage should the belt be replaced. I was looking at UTV and sold both my ATV's and had about $6. k . That was my limit and I knew I couldnt get a new one any where for that. I had looked and read some about the China UTV. Some good and some bad. But for $6,000 could get a new one with winch. A friend said that if I didnt get in any hurry and just keep looking, I could find a good used one on E-bay , a brand name, Gator, Rino, Mule or Ranger. I found a nice 07 Rhino, 300 miles, but wanted $7k. I found a old Ranger pretty well worn out for $5k I liked the Rhino because it looket sportty. The others looked like a working vehicle used on the farm. I was watching E-bay and a Prowler poped up. The guy did'nt get the reserve bid. I called him and he agreed to take $6. He said it was in decent shape and about 350 miles. The only problem as it was in NY, 550 miles away. And I have been down that road many times, you spend a couple of hundred in gas, take a couple of days off of work and drive and turns out to be junk. I finally agreed to buy it sight unseed as he was a used utv dealer. Drove there and seen the Prowler. It was a 07. It looked almost new. Nice XT model, lime green. Not beat up or any thing. Only thing it needed a battery and he gave me a new one (turned out to be worng one after getting home) He demonstrated the machine and showed me the milage on the odometer. After getting it home and beeing pretty happy. I was changing the oil and checking it over and found that the speed ometer had a "trip milage" and this was what was showing. I finally figured out how to reset it back to original milage and the milage is 3400. I was wondering is this is considered high milage and how much life is left in the machine before repairs are needed.? Like I said it looks almost like a new machine, the tires have at least 3/4 left. At that milage what will be the things that are worn out or start brakeing?
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