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Iam buying a new Prowler 700 or 550??

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Iam not sure which one to buy I just ride around, hunt, work around the farm. Does anybody know the two horsepower ratings? How about top speed? Iam just trying to compare the two.
Also does anybody have any opinions about the flatbed my dealer has a 550 flatbed carryover I kinda like it. Thanks
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If you are going to use it for hunting, doing work, the 700 is the only way to go. Remember, these are the same engine/transmissions used in the atv's. A complaint with the atv guys is the 550 does not have enough low end and is lacking power ang get up and go speed. The Prowler is much heavier than our atv's so I would say you would not be happy with the 550. Go with the 700, you will be completely satisfied that way.
I have the '09 550 F'bed

I'm 65 so I don't need the "getup and GO" some of you young tykes do. I hunt in some rough, rocky, muddy, steep sections of NE Alabama, plus I use it alot around the farm. It has plenty of low-end torque (brought a 155 lb.(field dressed) 9 point up the damdest draw with out much of a grunt (4WD Low). I've had her to 50 mph on flat and that's fast as I want to go. Can't compare with the 700, but the 550 has been good to me. One problem I just started having is a backfire every now and then. Haven't had time to check it.
I got the 700 havent used it yet to much snow. Very curious about how much horsepower the 700 has does anybody know?
With the type of riding you do, and the terrain you described, you may want that extra torque of the 700H1. Don't get me wrong the 550H1 is a great powerplant but when your in the woods hunting and need that extra torque to get up the hill or through the mud, the 700 is the way to go IMO.
08 700 xtx

I love my 700 XTX it has good power, the hardest part is getting used to the gas pedal. With two people you can easily go faster than 55 mph.
Around 39 for the 550 and 45 for the 700.
Buying Prowler

Thinking of buying a Prowler 1000i, 700i or 550i. Any suggestions? Likes/Dislikes? MPH on each unit?
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