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A friend of mine gave me his '07 Prowler since he was moving back to CA and couldn't use it. While I've spent a lot of time having fun in it, I've never had to maintain it. My dad's a darn good 'shade tree mechanic' and has helped me with some of the minor technical fixes (oil, lube, squeaks), but I'm on my own for the cosmetic. I have a few questions:

1. There is some minor rust on the frame. I know I should sand it prior to painting, but is there a certain type of paint to use? I called the dealership and they told me to slap any old gloss black paint on it. Is this correct?

2. Fenders need to be replaced. I find the best pricing online even with the added cost of shipping. Babbitt's seems to be reputable. Is this the way to go?

3. Tires need to be replaced. Do I go with stock or after markets (I think that's what he called them). My friend and I did some pretty extreme riding at times, but I'll probably use it to load jet skis and ride simple dirt trails. May climb some, may hit some deep sand. I'm told to get hard tires (??). They wanted to sell me 27" (26" is stock). And again, online is better pricing.

I would appreciate any advice! Thanks.
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