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ITP Wheels & Tires for Arctic Cat Prowler

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Im selling a wheel and tire package for an Arctic Cat Prowler. The front wheels are 14x6 ITP SS112 w/ and the rear wheels are 14x8 SS112 and both pair are machined. The front tire is an ITP TerraCross 26x9x14 and the rear tire is an ITP TerraCross 26x11x14. The are mounted and ready to get thrown on a nice Prowler. They have 15min of dirt use due to a photo shoot. About 95% of the rubber nipples are still on the tires. This wheel and tire package is a nice set-up. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask. The asking price is $800.00 + Shipping.


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Nice looking wheels.

Is there any offset to these wheels or are they standard? I think these have the a +2 in the front and +3 in the rear if I remember.
Yea the front offset is 4.0+2.0, and the rear is 5.0+3.0
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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