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Kymco UTV/Side x Side?

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Has anyone heard of these guys, they manufacture UTV's -- anyone running one?

KYMCO USA - Motor Scooters, Motorcycles and ATVs
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I'm a dealer for Arctic Cat, Kymco and John Deere. Kymco makes the smaller Arctic Cats (up to and including the 366) as well as making other atv's for other main brand name companies.
The Kymco UTV 500 is a pretty good machine, especially for the low buck class. They retail for around $8000, but many dealers sell them for less (me included). They will never keep up with an AC Prowler, but they also cost quite a bit less. The Kymco has several good features and is recieving good reports from the magazine testors.
Kymco has been in business since 1963, originally affiliated with Honda. In 1998, they started marketing scooters and atv's on their own. Since then, they have become a leader in Europe and Asia in atv's and scooters.
PowerSports Business Journal has picked Kymco to be the next member of the Big Guys category...
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So is it an American based company or Chinese?
It's a Taiwan company, but good quality. They are one of the few Central Asian companies that meet all safety standards. Plus the fact that they build many of the other brands.
In the past, they have or still do build:
Arctic Cat 50cc to 366cc ATVs
Honda - various trailbikes and ATVs
and others.
Kymco also has won many USA championships, such as
the ATVA Championship, several GNCC championships and more...
Most Kymcos come with a full 1 year warranty compared to others 6 months.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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