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Little Wins and Rays of Hope

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Article by Del Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador

"I’ve discovered there are “phases” in this off-road life we all love so much, especially if you are in the game of fighting for trails and riding areas. Like a lot of other things in life, it appears there are steps we go through – kind of like losing someone – withdrawal, denial, anger, and resentment.

I’ve been through it all at one time or another. But the little wins and the rays of hope are what keep me going. Allow me to share with you how that hope and light can help you as well.

I’ve been assisting a lot of folks lately with club elders, conflict in clubs, as well as personalities and infighting. But hey, the fact that I’m being asked to help tells me SOMEONE is doing something or trying to do something about it. The fact that folks are asking for help means these things are being brought out into the open so they can be FIXED. Yup! Fixed!

Here are some tips for avoiding the pitfalls; a battle plan to help you stay in the game; and some suggested reading as well. Read or get the whole article here: Little Wins and Rays of Hope, Article by Del Albright

Thanks, Del"

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Great read, check it out if you are interested in preserving the precious land you use for future generations...
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