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lowered seats

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hey guys . i ve seen alot of you have been lowering the seats on your cats , what id like to see is some pics of what the frames look like after your done . how much gap is there between the engine cover ? i really want to do this to mine but i would just like some idea of the finised product before i go chopping my ride ! cuz everybody likes a clean trimmed kitty nobody wants a hacked up one ! lol

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sorry I really didnt take pictures of the lowering when I did mine .. but youll love the cat even more with lowered seats
Just got back from spending the weekend testing out my XTZ with the lowered seats. Encountered lots of heat coming up through where the engine shroud was cut to clear the seats. Going to install a nomex engine blanket (used for drag racing cars) on top of the engine to keep the heat out. Not too happy with the quality of welding done by the fab shop though. May have my own welder reweld a few places and add some bracing.
But the handling was awesome. Got into a race with a RZR through a tight sand wash and through trees, the XTZ handled like a dream. We were running 45-55mph in the tight wash and 35-40 through the trees. The difference was night and day better than the stock XTZ.

Some photos of the cut areas...

Size comparison to a RZR... not much difference on the height now, just wider by 10 inches (but the same as a RZR-S).
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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