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This weekend I bought a used 2006 Prowler but he did not have the owners or service manuals. He has added a bunch of things like four HID lights on top, a stereo and 4 speakers, a cheap winch and some LED taillights. All of this is coming off. He also added a second battery but only has a two pole isolator and I want to change that so I can run either battery, both or shut power off completely.
I also noticed yesterday the radiator fan does not come on and someone told me to check the relay but I'm not sure where it is.

I want to clean all this stuff up because the batteries drain overnight so something is either shorted or drawing power when it should not be. The main battery is a new gel cell and the second one is an Interstate, they shouldstay up for a month or two shouldn't they even if I forget to put the battery maintainer on?
My Polaris Sportsman can sit for 3 or 4 months with a 4 year old battery and still start right up.
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