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Need help - Run with one cylinder !!

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Hi everybody.. Am new to this forum and this is my first post. In fact am facing a technical issue with my prowler, which's running with one cylinder only. The second cylinder is moving but without any fuel burning. I checked the fuel line as well as injectors, they are fine. I also, checked the spark plugs with wire connected to coil, there's a current go through. Intake as well, air flew smotthly. how it could be, fuel, air and power are available, but without any burning. This happened after i replaced new pistons, due to previouse piston rings were damaged. I also doubted the cause from timimg, but it's ok. because, the second cylinder runs only one time and the next day didn't !!
Anybody faced this issue before, and how can solve or fix this problem.

thank you,
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Mine was a spark plug, swap them and see if the problem follows the plug.
I did that and still the same. I doubt there's something wrong with timing. Is there any link I can get service manual, or camshaft timing installation manual.
Thank you Racer .. I already found it lastnight and download it. then i printed out and give it to mechanic to perform the right timimg. hopefully, it would be fine and running both cylinders.

Thank you again for assistant and concern :happy:
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