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New 2008 650 XT Issue....

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I just bought a 2008 model in the title yesterday. I got it home and off the trailer and drove it on the road. My problem is that there is a very pronounced shudder while driving. Basicially the back axle is kind of hopping.

I've called the dealership and let them know about this. I think it might be flat spots on the tires from sitting but the dealership doesn't think so. Does anyone have any ideas wha this might be. I bought it new with 0 miles on it. Thanks for any help everyone can share.

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had the same thing happen on my prowler also . the left rear axle shaft is not locked into gear box it sliding out . can fix your self take tire off unhook shaft from a- arm so shaft is free the give it a hard pull out will come out of gear box, replace the wire retaining clip , reassembly .the wire clip keeps the shaft locked in gear box.
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