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What a piece of crap gun mount! It wasn’t bad enough that the instructions for assembly must have been translated from Chinese or that the gun mounts rattled and made all sorts of noises when riding my Yamaha Rhino over rough terrain. Now I had missed a shot at a fine looking elk because the rack design made it difficult to get my rifle out in time. And what about the bed, I found I couldn’t even dump a load of firewood for my camp without the gun mount interfering so much for convenience!

Someone should develop a gun mount that comes with easy-to-read and understandable assembly instructions. The mount should remain quiet and still when riding so my scope won’t be knocked out of alignment. The ideal mount would allow me to remove my rifles quickly and easily and finally, I would be able to dump the bed without having to remove the gun mount first.

Enter the Universal Bed Mount by UTV Tech. Not only do we have a gun mount that eliminates shaking and noise when riding. But our gun mounts offers a great place to store two gun boots with easy access to both rifles. One can take advantage of the of the versatility of the Universal Bed Mount by purchasing accessories to store a spare tire or two Kolpin containers used for storing gas or water. Not only do they have a Universal Bed Mount to fit the Yamaha Rhino but we have them to fit the Polaris RZR, Polaris Ranger and Kawasaki Tyrex. Now that’s bang for your buck and speaking of that, I’ll get that big elk next year.

UTV Tech
3200 S. Yellowstone Hwy.
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
Phone 208-522-1301
Fax 208-522-0855
[email protected]
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