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Hi, I am Bjorn, living in western Norway. Recently Retired naval architect @ subsea engineer from the Oil & Gas industry. In all the freetime I have now, I am a interested in boats, sailing, outdoor living, Hunting fishing, and timber logging.

i collected my Prowler yesterday, a 2012 700 HDX model With both wheels and tracks. Since I have not inspected it properly yet, and I am really a novise when it comes to this particular vehicle. please find my ’silly’ questions below:

I bought it, fullt aware of a 1 sq inch hole in the oil pan, and I need to repair this probably by welding (or solding).

My q’s are 1. Is the oilpan separate or is it integrated in the crank house housing?
2. if separate, is it possible to take it downwithout removing the engine, by losing some bolts, hopefully.

See the Photo enclosed. Hope that someone take som time to Antwerpen, in advance, Thank you a lot!

Best regards
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