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New member with some questions and concerns

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Purchased a 2008 XT650 a few months ago. I like it as it is a very versatile machine but have some issues. The steering wheel came loose, the bolts for the roll cage and some more in the cargo box. Yesterday I greased the steering knuckle as it was squeaking. While I was doing this I looked underneath the machine and noticed about two inches of the gasket for the clutch cover hanging down!!! Two bolts that hold this on were missing!!! I used liquid gasket I had on a shelf and buttoned everything back up. Have any of you had issues with your machine falling apart. Lock-tite is now in the glove compartment. This is riduculous. Not everyone who buys one of these is going to have the time and skills necessasry to keep this thing running! While I had everything apart I took out the fuel sensing unit and cleaned it. Seems like the fuel gauge is working now.

A couple of questions:
-While i had the fuel sensing unit out I had problems putting it back in. What is the proper method of seating the seal.

-Seems like my front and rear differentials are weeping/leaking as well. My machine has no warranty left. Any opinions as to whether I should just keep topping up diffs or does this need to be addressed. Seems like a big job and some members report they still leak after replacing anyway!

Other than that seems to be a pretty good machine with alot of uses. Just wish Artic Cat used lock-tite!

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Hey baymen12 the weeping diffs is a pretty easy fix and you can find it at prowlertalk . net just type in rear diff leak and you'l find it. I did it and so far so good. As far as the other stuff you'll find it on there as well it's a really good site with a lot of helpful folks. Good luck man.
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